Saving lives
since 1790.

Glasgow Humane Society has been saving lives on and around Glasgow’s waterways for over 230 years. Founded in 1790, we are the oldest practical lifesaving organisation in the world. Countless Glaswegians owe their lives to the Officers, Volunteers and Directors of the Society.


The aims and objectives of Glasgow Humane Society are:

  • To preserve human life in and around the waterways of Greater Glasgow.
  • To provide lifeboat and safety services where and when requested.
  • To advise councils, emergency services, universities and schools, businesses, riverside users and members of the public on safety and accident prevention.
  • To educate the public about water safety.
The Society Officer and boats have been based in Glasgow Green since 1790. Glasgow Humane Society is a registered charity and relies on donations from the public and support from Glasgow City Council to provide its services. The current officer is Mr William Graham and he has held the position since 2015. He succeeded Dr George Parsonage MBE who retired as officer in 2019 but continues to serve as a consultant.